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Right on the cusp of Toronto-bound traffic but still a hop, skip and jump away from the areas of Burlington, Hamilton and the surrounding area – Oakville is a bit of an anomaly. Falling flat in the middle of both regions and offering its residents their choice for big and busy or smaller and stand-still calm.

While its citizens may be certain in what they what based on where they end up, whether it’s closer to the hustle and bustle of downtown or in the sweet quiet of the suburbs, what’s less certain is if an unexpected, life-changing event will rear its ugly head.

No city is immune to such a thing, and for Oakville residents who have concerns about what may happen should one befall them, my insurance services can help.

Our Investment Planning & Insurance Services in Oakville

We offer a wide range of investment planning and insurance services across Oakville for individuals, families and small business owners:

Life Insurance

Our main area of service and expertise – life insurance – focuses on offering financial support for the trying times that come with a life-altering tragedy. This is more or less common knowledge, but beyond that it can be a confusing landscape with several choices that all come with their own costs, structures and benefits.

You’ll want to choose a life insurance package that best meets your needs, lifestyle and budget, and our team of life insurance brokers can help.

If you’re in the Oakville area and would like to learn more about life insurance and its various forms, contact us today.

Critical Illness Insurance

In the event that a serious illness befalls you or a member of your family, critical illness insurance comes into play to cover you with a lump sum payment for covered illnesses for a specific survival period.

Similar to life insurance, critical illness insurance is an area on which we spend a lot of time with clients. We understand that a life-threatening condition can be an extremely stressful situation for any family, and that having to keep your head on finances during it makes it that much worse.

If you’re in Oakville and would like to know more about critical illness insurance and how we can help you find the right plan for your needs, contact us today.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance helps cover the costs of care and other necessary expenses when an individual falls victim to chronic disease, physical injury or any other debilitation that causes loss of work.

Business owners and individuals working in Oakville who want to learn more about disability insurance, what it covers and if it’s right for them can contact Protect Your Wealth today to learn more.

Investment Planning

Our investment planning starts with a complimentary analysis that looks at your needs and goals, followed by the conception of a strategy that fits both. With our expertise in controlling risk, minimizing taxes and optimizing wealth, we can help you will find your way to a secure financial future.

We have access to the products and services of more than 30 financial institutions, and my role as a trusted financial advisor means we can identify opportunities that will pay off in the long run.

As your investment planning advisors, we will foster a long-lasting, trusting relationship with you, offering unmatched levels of service that will help you see the financial future you want.