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Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Disability Insurance & Investment Planning Solutions

An area like Ancaster might seem like it’s in a permanent state of semi-suburban calm: while there has been a certain deal of “out with the old, in with the new” in terms of dwellings and business developments in the past few decades, the overall vibe of this small Hamilton township has stayed more or less the same.

But just because the look and feel of a place hasn’t appeared to change doesn’t mean the people don’t: as with any town or city of any size, the lives of Ancaster’s residents – your own included – have likely undergone some major shifts since settling in, some of which may have had the potential to put them in stressfully uncertain financial territory.

For citizens of Ancaster who want to prepare themselves and their families for an unexpected, unwelcome change, we offer packages for life insurance and several other services that can help offer you financial peace of mind for whatever the future holds.

Our Insurance & Investment Planning Services in Ancaster:

Protect Your Wealth offers a wide range of insurance services across town for individuals, families and small business owners:

Life Insurance

Our ‘bread-and-butter’ service, life insurance is where we tend to spend the most time with our clients.

It’s common knowledge that this service is designed to help families and individuals when an unexpected, life-altering tragedy takes place, but what’s much less well-known is the fact that there are many different kinds of life insurance, all of which have their own costs, structures and benefits. The plan you choose depends entirely on you: your situation, your goals and your overall needs with regards to your lifestyle.

Ancaster residents who want to understand the differences between each of these life insurance plans and know more about which one might be right for them can talk to us for a professional, personalized strategy.

Critical Illness Insurance

Another field of focus for us is critical illness insurance, which is put in place to cover you financially with a lump sum payment if you are suffering from a covered critical illness for a specified survival period.

A serious illness that befalls you or a member of your family can be result in months of stress, exhaustion and uncertainty. Our critical illness insurance services can help you find the plan that fits your needs.

Disability Insurance

With disability insurance, recipients are offered coverage for costs that come from a chronic disease, physical injury, or any other event that causes a disability and leads to loss of employment.

For anyone who owns a business or works in Ancaster and wants to learn more about this type of insurance and how they can utilize it in the event of a tragic injury that results in being unable to work, our disability insurance expertise can help.

Investment Planning

Our investment planning strategy starts with a complimentary analysis that looks at your needs and goals, followed by the conception of a strategy that fits both. With our expertise in investment planning, we can help you will find your way to a secure financial future, and one that works with your budget and lifestyle.

We have access to the products and services of more than 30 financial institutions, and our role as your trusted investment advisor means we can identify opportunities that will pay off in the long run.