Client Testimonials

Five Star Review

“My wife and I have been working with Parvesh as our financial planner for about 10 years. I began working with Parvesh because he did a great job at building trust and was always eager to take the time to explain things as much as needed. Parvesh has always believed in setting us up for success without over doing it. In the same way a great personal trainer wants you to work hard but not so hard that you are too sore to workout again, Parvesh encourages us to invest and save as much as we comfortably can, without going overboard. We have worked with him on Life Insurance, Mortgages, Investments, RRSPs, and have referred him to many of our friends who are now happy clients. Truly a great advisor with the client’s needs in mind.”

— David

Five Star Review

“We were introduced to Parvesh after he took over our investment and insurance accounts from a previous advisor. He is extremely knowledgeable and has provided us excellent advice.”

— Russell

Five Star Review

“Parvesh has been my financial advisor for the past five years and I trust his experience and expertise. I have recommended him to other family members to help manage their financial affairs.”

— Dipal

Five Star Review

“Parvesh has always been attentive, flexible, helpful, and most importantly – planned and maintained a successful portfolio for us that is helping us reach our long term goals. He will clearly and openly speak to our varying levels of financial knowledge; keeping it simple when the audience demands simple, and digging into the technical weeds when the audience would like to know all the minute details.”

— Kevin

Five Star Review

“Our family has been working with Parvesh for about 6 years. He has always been quick to help and has an answer to every question I have. I would suggest him to anyone!”

— Jon

Five Star Review

“Parvesh has been absolutely incredible with his insight and knowledge pertaining to my families wealth estate planning. He is readily available to assist with quick responses and advice.

He has set us up with various different investment vehicles as well as found us an absolutely incredible variable rate (way lower than the main banks) when we need a mortgage for our new home.

I’d recommend Parvesh for all your wealth planning. Thank you for all that you’ve done for me and my family.”

— Nick

Five Star Review

“We have found Parvesh to be very knowledgeable in the products he markets. We get the feeling that he seeks his clients interest and suggests what is best for them.

We are comfortable with him as our agent as he consistently follows up and informs us of the latest trends. In addition, Parvesh is a very approachable individual who practices an open door concept allowing us to comfortably call on him at anytime.”

— Anthony

Five Star Review

“Best move my wife and myself have made with the finances. Parvesh guided us through of a horrible experience with another investment group. Parvesh has been looking after our insurance and investments ever since. He is very knoweldeable and takes time to explain everything and even doesn’t seem to mind answering tons of questions. And he’s a really nice guy as well.”

— Joe

Five Star Review

“After our first meeting with Parvesh, our entire point of view on insurance as an investment vehicle changed. He took the time to sit with us and explain everything thoroughly. He answered every question we had and did a fantastic job of educating us. We feel confident in Parvesh and fully trust him and his expertise. We highly recommend Parvesh and his firm.”

— Monika

Five Star Review

“Working with Parvesh has been a great experience. He’s provided valuable insight and recommendations on financial planning that best suit our needs.. He’s trustworthy, reliable, professional and very smart – he definitely knows what he is talking about! We’d certainly refer him to friends and family. Our only regret is not engaging him sooner!”

— Sejal

Five Star Review

“I have been working with Parvesh for nearly ten years. At first, he offered advice with no strings attached when I was still in a difficult financial situation. Since my situation has changed, I can count on him to listen to my needs and provide great advice, as well as respond to my wishes for my investments. I have recommended him to other members of my family as well.”

— Elysia

Five Star Review

“Parvesh understood and completed all of my requests in a timely manner. His professionalism showed through in his ability to communicate and guide me through my own personal needs. Additionally, he asked questions, kindly gave instruction, and overall was attentive to my main goal. I would highly recommend Parvesh Benning to advise with quality and expertise!”

— Karen

Five Star Review

“Working with Parvesh has been a wonderful experience. We have very much appreciated his advice and guidance as we organize our finances and plan for the future. He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful; he walked us through the process of developing a plan that perfectly meets our needs.”

— Amanda

Five Star Review

“I just met Parvesh a few months ago and had a great great experience. He’s knowledgeable, flexible and provided advice specific to my needs.

Parvesh was always prompt in responding to any of my request. I look forward to working with him again on the future.”

— Kristy

Five Star Review

“Parvesh was very informative and easy to deal with. He didn’t push us to make a decision. He showed us a bunch of options and based on that we made the most informed decision for us. I would highly recommend him to others.”

— Steve

Five Star Review

“We have been working with Parvesh as our financial advisor for quite a number of years and are so glad my husband and I started our financial portfolio with him as we were growing our young family. Parvesh has always provided his sound financial advice and a 360 perspective on our total portfolio including all of our investments, loans, insurance and retirement planning. He has helped us make very informed decisions along the way and to grow our investments which position us really well for the future. Parvesh is extremely knowledgeable and can provide an in-depth perspective so that you feel really comfortable before making any decisions. He has always taken the time to understand our financial goals and concerns for both the interim and future and coached us to be successful along the way. We are so glad we made the decision to take Parvesh on as our Financial Advisor 15 years ago and would highly recommend him to others!”

— Rohini